When X Doesn’t Mark The Spot | An Xplode Podcast

‘When X Doesn’t Mark The Spot’ follows the journey of Saeed Atcha, the young tearaway turned ‘inspirational CEO’.

Saeed, 21, dreamed and delivered an organisation that aimed to change the downbeat national tone on young people through the creation of UK Charity, Xplode Magazine.

Xplode Magazine trains 12 to 22 year olds in employability skills and provides volunteering and journalistic experience.

The weekly podcast aims to bring to life the Xplode journey and mantra: Be Bold, Move Fast and Focus on Your Impact.

Saeed said: “This podcast is for those who have ideas, those who want to make a difference, those who want to learn. It’s for you.”

Where to hear When X Doesn’t Mark The Spot

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