Youth Leader Appointed School Governor

21-year-old Saeed Atcha is going back to his old school as a role model rather than the self-confessed ‘tearaway teen’ he was when he attended Ladybridge High School.

Saeed has been appointed Governor and said:

“I’ve wanted to be a governor for about a year or so now but I didn’t really know where so when Ladybridge approached me, I thought that it was the perfect fit.

“I was a tearaway teen in those corridors and now I’m returning as a different person!

I’m equipped with the characteristics that made me who I am — that I formed at Ladybridge and I’m determined to make a positive impact.

“I grew up in and out of the care of the local authority and school was a turbulent time yet they stood by me and gave me opportunities to thrive.

“My thanks is something I can’t put into words so hopefully, my governance experience will help.”

Saeed is now a youth charity leader and a nationally-acclaimed advisor sought out by Government bodies.

He said: “I’m passionate about education and the importance of schools in forming who a person is. I have a wealth of governance experience from serving HRH Prince Charles’ Step up to Serve organisation nationally to being a trustee of two local charities not to mention leading youth-charity Xplode for the past six years and I’m up for a new challenge.

“Although I’ve worked extremely closely with the education sector, I’ve never held a specific role. I’m eager to learn and develop my skills whilst bringing in that external governance view.”

Saeed added: “I’m all for ensuring that young people are able to realise and fulfil their potential and that is where governors can have the most impact in the strategic aims and direction they wish the school to go in.

“I hope to increase the emphasis on quality social action where young people can help their community and really integrate into society as mature, skilled and hardworking young people. I think the role of a governor is often underestimated, I certainly underestimated what Governors did until I researched the role.”

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