‘For our future’s sake’ involve young in Brexit talks

A young leader has called on the government to include young people in the Brexit negotiations ‘for our future’s sake.’

Saeed Atcha, CEO of Xplode, voiced his frustration over the lack of engagement with young people in a BBC News Brexit special, which was broadcast from Bolton Market.

Speaking to BBC News, Mr Atcha said 20 percent of the population had “zero” representation at the Brexit decision making table.

He said: “The key is to make sure – whether young people were for or against Brexit – that they have a say in their futures. They are the generation that will have to live with the effects for the longest.

“Young people are 20 percent of the population, but zero percent of them are sitting at that top table making the decisions.

“For our future’s sake we really need to ensure young people are having a say in those negotiations and reassuring other young people that we are going to try and get the best Brexit deal.”

Saeed, who’s organisation delivers employability training to the region’s young, also raised concerns about how Brexit will impact employment saying its a double-edged sword:

“There are 65,000 EU Nationals working across Greater Manchester and with their futures uncertain, we haven’t got 65,000 skilled-enough people to fill those jobs so there’s a lot of work to do to get people ready for jobs that may come as a result of Brexit.”

Thursday marked a year to go until Brexit, with much of the future deal between the UK and the European Union anticipated to take shape in the months ahead.