Be Bold, Move Fast and Focus on Your Impact – My Mantra

These words and this mission came from a conference I attended, One Young World. OYW brings together the brightest and most influential young leaders and speakers from all corners of industry. It’s all about helping us, as young people, as the future, to make lasting connections leading to positive change in our communities.

I attended the 2014 conference in Dublin and witnessed some really thought-provoking and motivating stories from people like Dame Ellen MacArthur, a number of Latin American Presidents and Global CEO’s from organisations like Unilever and Barclays.

As part of the conference was a learning visit – I visited Facebook’s ‘World Headquarters’ and we were talking though mission statements and I thought

“We haven’t got a mission statement so we should think of one. We should think of something that really embodies what we’ve done and what we’re about to do.”

Listening to the speeches throughout the conference, the three key things that came out is that we need brave, ambitious and transformative leadership from our young people.

I truly enjoyed my experience of being a One Young World Attendee to becoming a One Young World Ambassador and being part of this network to make lasting change in my community.

We are always growing. It’s important to have people to look up to and this is why I try to meet as many young people as possible to get out there and motivate and inspire others to make a change. So many of my volunteers at Xplode Magazine tell me that my story feels real to them – they can see the success and the difference and that spurs them on. It’s clear that we’ve been bold and that we move fast and for me, it’s ALWAYS about our impact.

It shouldn’t be a fear to ask people for advice and help – I ring countless people during the week to go through ideas and just for a chat and I’m always here if you need me! Drop me a tweet (@saeedatcha) or a message on LinkedIn.

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“When X Doesn’t Mark The Spot is for those who have ideas, those who want to make a difference, those who want to learn. It’s for you.”