Former US Young Leader Hits Back at Immigration Ban

A young people’s champion has hit back at President Donald Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim ban’ after his resignation from the State Department’s Young Leader’s Programme in December.

Saeed Atcha, aged 20, resigned from the United States London Embassy Young Leaders Programme (YLUK) in light of the anti-Muslim rhetoric voiced by President Trump.

Speaking to the press, Saeed Atcha says:

“What we’re seeing in the ‘Disunited States of America’ is disgusting. I think it’s right that countries should have strong borders but I think this is a step too far – a total ban for seven countries – it’s divisive and completely goes against what American citizens believe in.


Simply put, this is radicalisation – Donald Trump’s ideology that all Muslim’s are terrorists IS extremism and it’s hurtful to see, not just to Muslim’s, but also to compassionate people across the globe. America has been devalued.


The President should guide and inspire, not be an extremist himself. When I left my position as a US/UK Young Leader, the then-Ambassador Matthew Barzun wrote to me to say that the Special Relationship needs me, and other Young Leaders to stay engaged and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


I’m very much looking forward to the peaceful protests at President Trump’s state visit later this year.”

Saeed Atcha is CEO at Xplode Magazine, a youth charity working to get the jobless back into work in Greater Manchester and is a Trustee of a Prince of Wales’ founded initiative to encourage young people across the Untied Kingdom to take part in their communities through the #iwill campaign, he is also a PR Student at the Manchester Metropolitan University.